How Yoga Is Helpful In BJJ

In the last decade, the popularity of BJJ skyrocketed. This is not just for the mainstream media platforms but also for the people who once associated BJJ with mixed martial arts and bullying. People are now becoming more aware of the ongoing trends and where the video gaming industry is taking the lead; there are many games related to mixing martial arts as well. Apart from taking BJJ as a game, now people are opting for it as a profession because finally, it is paying well. There is more respect associated with BJJ fighters just like any other game, and mainstream media and brands are also hiring them for endorsement. Amidst all the reviving of the image, BJJ fitness training centers are implementing basic moves into exercise as well. More people are drawn towards BJJ due to the self-defense training and the fact BJJ is used as a base for some of the best forms of mixed martial arts. Even if you don’t want to practice with your instructor, you can start at home as well, all you need is a good BJJ uniform.

If we talk about the training, there are so many supplementary exercises that are recommended by the instructors and BJJ teachers; however, yoga is one of the best exercises that almost everyone practicing BJJ uses. Where yoga helps with flexibility, it also builds up the posture that can help polish the technique. For the beginners who are still trying to figure out why BJJ instructors are recommending yoga to everyone, here are some of the main reasons that can convince you to start your BJJ journey with the help of yoga. This exercise requires minimum effort and minimum use of equipment.

Helps with Flexibility

Body flexibility works wonders in BJJ; if you want to get better, your flexibility will help you a lot. Most instructors help you with various exercises that can revive the actual muscle flexibility that most of us have. However, a lazy and sluggish lifestyle means your muscles have lost flexibility completely, and every time you move, you feel pain. BJJ is known as human chess because you need the full attention of your mind and body. Additionally, your body needs to be in full coordination with your mind because this will help you with complete coordination while making sure you build a solid strategy as well.

Polish the Technique

If you want to polish your technique, you will be surprised how much yoga can help you. There is no doubt that your size and weight don’t matter in BJJ; your technique and your skill matter the most. We have seen kids with better technique defeating adults double their size and age, all thanks to the practice session and skills. If you think why yoga will help with the method that is related to BJJ, the answer is quite simple; yoga will prepare your body for better body and mind coordination, which will make the whole process quite effortless. Apart from this, it will also help you build a muscle memory that significantly helps with the overall reaction while you fight.

Gives You the Benefit of Defense

Usually, BJJ is known as one of the best mixed martial arts training where the weaker and smaller get the edge. If you are short, you are more likely to get out of the grip easier, and this will further help you with overall performance building as well. While you build a strong self-defense system, you will feel flexibility and posture play a significant role; additionally, the way you slip the grip or loosen up the grip will help you a lot with the overall performance. Mostly self-defense is known to be something quite complicated, and most people don’t even like to train for self-defense because it requires a lot of work; however, if you are into yoga, you are getting yourself prepared for the hardships already. Yoga is a very true form of art that helps you shape up your body, so no matter what kind of workout you opt for or how much more work you want to put in, this will work significantly better. Most people don’t understand that yoga helps with building good muscle memory and further helps with reflex action. If your body is not very responsive, and you find it hard to coordinate with your mind and body, yoga works significantly well in that domain as well.