How to Empower Yourself Through Distance Energy Healing

Don’t be fooled by the name. Distance energy healing is not a new-age version of traditional Reiki. As a student embarks on the journey of becoming a Reiki practitioner, three symbols are taught which amplify the healing practice. One of these symbols is the “distance symbol,” which represents how the practitioner may send healing energy to another person, across the stratosphere, without physical contact. To learn how to practice distance healing, students must work up to mastering the second-degree Reiki practice, which excludes the use of hands to transmit healing energy to recipients. Today, this practice is most commonly referred to as, “distance energy healing” or “distance reiki”, so as you can see, it’s a fundamental part of energy healing, not a convenience modification like distance learning or Telehealth. Keep reading to see how your mind, body, and spirit can benefit from this well-regarded Japanese healing system.

How Distance Energy Healing Works

The distance symbol that students are introduced to as they progress in their practice, is based on the Hermetic Law of Similarity, a natural law that states that all things are energy and are therefore connected as part of a larger union. When the practitioner activates the symbol, they are accessing the recipient’s energy field so that they can invoke proper healing and chakra alignment. To link up with the receiver’s energetic field, distance energy healers, like Dorothy Rowe from Distance Energy Work, will use different tools depending on what works best for them to form these energetic connections. Some healers like to use healing crystals and photographs of the recipient to make the connection, while others simply direct positive thoughts and energy outward, beginning from the heart chakra, or the energetic center.

Why It Works

Everyone can connect with life force energy. Known by many different names, our kundalini, chi, prana, or what have you, truly flows through each and every one of us, as well as every living thing in the universe. Distance energy healing is simply one of many different ways to make connections with this energy source, for purposes of balancing, restoring, healing, and removing unwanted blockages in our lives. Similar energy practices such as Ayurvedic Energy work, yoga, and Zen meditation also engage the energetic field to move and restore energy for increased clarity and chakra balancing.


Engaging in distance energy healing regularly has been shown to increase feelings of relaxation, empowerment, and overall happiness among recipients and practitioners alike. Since only those who have been healed themselves are qualified to practice as distance healers, all of the energy that is sent is positive, restorative energy meant to enhance overall wellbeing. Healers mention that connecting with the recipient energy source becomes easier and easier over time, making it a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Scientific studies have also proven that regular distance healing, as well as traditional Reiki healing sessions, leads to reduced pain levels, and faster healing and relaxation to the mind and the body. Distance energy healing has been recommended by many physicians as a reliable component to enhance natural healing.

Feel Empowered

Anyone can harness a strong connection with the energetic field. It doesn’t take a background in natural healing or energy work to receive training and become a practicing healer, either. Most training formats recommend an in-person learning period of ten hours in total, in which training sessions are led in classroom-style formats. In other words, you are not alone as there will be students like yourself and an instructor there to guide you as you learn the art of distance healing.

For those solely interested in receiving Reiki, take a moment to consider that choosing this path is an act of self-care. By taking on this new way of healing, you are one step closer to finding relief and peace from your suffering. Choosing to practice self-care is an amazing way to honor yourself, and those around you as well. It’s even possible to learn how to perform this style of healing on yourself, giving you all the more power to enhance your self-healing and sense of ease in your daily life. Life force energy--- healing energy is free and available for everyone.

Now more than ever, people are tuning in to different mindfulness and organic healing practices as part of their regime for healthier living. Distance energy healing, like many other natural healing practices, has been taking place for many, many years and was discovered after a spiritual awakening brought on by fasting and meditation. The success of the Reiki movement has been so astronomical, that since its start in the 1920s, official organizations like the IARP inspire healers and recipients alike to continue sharing the practice and the many benefits that come from regular engagement. 

A Little Science

Distance energy healing allows you to take control of your healing. Thanks to science, we now know that energy is everything, and that directing it in ways that better the self is more than possible. Like an electromagnetic wave connecting cellphones, distance energy healing utilizes the same concept of energy connection to bridge people together as a means of transmitting healing, loving energy. You see, our cells take in as much healing energy as possible, during a healing practice, and this healing energy is transferred back and forth from the practitioner to the recipient for the duration of the session. Both parties benefit from the interaction, accelerating wellbeing for both.

The Bottom Line

If you want an end to your suffering, be it physically or emotionally based, then allow distance energy healing to become an important part of your healing arsenal. This Japanese healing art of giving and receiving positive energy is a scientifically-backed practice available to anyone and everyone willing to try it out. Like gravity and magnetism, The Hermetic Law of Similarity is a real, natural law working in harmony with the universe to benefit all of its beings. Take advantage of this gift, and empower yourself with a distance energy session, right away.