Getting Back into Shape – Steps to Keep in Mind

We all know pandemic has been hard on us; some have lost loved ones, some have lost jobs, some have lost mental peace, but we all have gained weight because of our bad eating habits that we have developed during the quarantine. Where we are losing peace and praying to get our financial stability back, most of us are still struggling with weight loss. People have been complaining about bad eating habits and staying up till late at night, which obviously means they feel hungry in the middle of the night. Where most of us are stressing that waking up early and sleeping really are the key to good health, there are so many different reasons we need to start making small and relatively significant changes in life. All these changes might look small and very traditional; however, they will have a significant impact on our lives. Some of these changes are related to our diet, whereas others are related to our daily household chores.

As technology has become better, it has opened various new avenues for us and the people around us. With every passing day, more people are coming up with various ways to make our life easier; however, it seems we are heavily becoming dependent on machines and technology for our day-to-day tasks. If we cut down the use of technology, there is no doubt we will be switching to a more peaceful lifestyle where we can walk our dog and spend time with our family, and especially invest time in cooking healthy food. For all these changes you don’t need to wear an active wear or buy any equipment.

Cut the Portion

If you like food and you don’t want to give up food just to lose weight, you might have heard of the portion cutting technique. No matter what you want to eat and how much you want to eat, just make sure you divide it up into smaller portions and then eat them every time you feel hungry. Most of the time, we start eating when we are bored because we have nothing else to do. It is better to start differentiating between feeling hungry and bored, so you don’t eat too much.

Eat More Fiber

Eating more fiber is definitely a helpful thing; we are not saying to leave out the carbs altogether, instead, and we are recommending you to stuff your carbs with some fiber. All you need to do is quiet the white carbs and switch to a healthy alternative. If you like pasta, you can enjoy as much pasta as you want; however, switch to whole wheat pasta instead. If you want to eat bread, just switch to the multigrain or whole wheat instead. This will help you eat carbs yet stay fit and healthy. 

Drink More

Drinking more water is always helpful; however, most of us are still confused about the quantity of water that we should drink according to our BMI. The best practice is to drink at least two glasses of water half an hour before you start to eat. This will not only help you with digestion, but you will be surprised about your eating capacity as well. Most of the time, we eat too much because we are thirsty; if we know our capacity to eat and drink at the same time, we would be surprised how much we are taking space in our stomach just because of the food. Compensation of food quantity and water quantity is very important.

Invent New Exercises

We all know how much we hate old school planks and crunches, but how about inventing something that we can enjoy with our family. While most of us love watching TV with the family, there are few exercises that even Hollywood actresses perform with their kids. You can start with a plank or crunches when you sit through the commercial break. If you have kids, indulge them in, this will help you burn enough calories that you can easily enjoy a cheesecake. In case you don’t feel your family will get involved in the game, you will be surprised how competitive they will get. You can simply ditch the old school board games and have fun right in front of the TV. You will be able to enjoy it more during the commercial breaks. If it helps, you can even wear an active wear while you sit and enjoy your TV time.