5 Surprising Health Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is becoming a popular treatment to relieve pain and improve overall health. If you're curious, you might be wondering what the health benefits are for acupuncture.

To save you time, we've compiled the health benefits of acupuncture for you. Here are five surprising benefits that you may not know about!

  1. Improved Sleep Quality 

One of the best health benefits of acupuncture is its ability to improve sleep quality. It's a standard treatment for individuals with insomnia. 

Studies have shown it to increase the serotonin of nocturnal melatonin, a chemical that is proven to induce sleep. For patients who suffer from poor sleep, acupuncture can help them fall asleep faster.

Patients report feeling less stressed and aroused at night after undergoing acupuncture treatment. 

  1. Reduces Headache Pain 

Another common, but lesser-known health benefit reported from acupuncture is reduced headache pain. It relaxes the muscles in the head and neck, which is known to cause the pain.

Acupuncture provides long-lasting relief and is an attractive alternative to over-the-counter drugs. Plus, some studies have shown that the overuse of headache medication can increase the frequency of headache pain. 

  1. Allergy Reduction 

If you suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies, acupuncture treatment may be able to help. Acupuncture is known to improve the body's natural immune abilities. This reduces the frequency and intensity of allergy attacks. 

Patients have also reported that acupuncture also reduces the symptoms of allergies. This includes uncomfortable symptoms such as puffy eyes and a runny nose. 

  1. Anxiety Reduction 

Millions of people battle anxiety across the country. One way to help reduce feelings of anxiety is acupuncture treatment. Anxiety reduction is a recently discovered health benefit of acupuncture. 

In medical trials, a positive correlation between acupuncture and lowered levels of anxiety has been shown. This a promising discovery considering the side-effects of many drugs that treat anxiety. 

  1. Improved Digestion 

The final surprising benefit of acupuncture helps with digestion. This is especially true for patients who undergo regular acupuncture treatments. 

For patients with digestive issues, acupuncture can nourish the body's organs, reducing inflammation in the stomach. If the acupuncture service is aware of your digestive issue, they will place the needles in the parts of the body that will help speed up your metabolism. 

The acupuncture practitioner can also place the needles in areas that will regulate the digestive functioning of your small and large intestine. This reduces the acid in your stomach, which improves digestion. 

This is another natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. 

Now You Know Some of the Health Benefits of Acupuncture 

Though there are health benefits of acupuncture beyond those listed, these are some benefits that you may not know about. If you're nervous about your first time, you can always consult a doctor about appropriate expectations. 

And remember that acupuncture has had tremendous success across the country. So why wait any longer? Book your next appointment today! 

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