What to Look for in a Gym

Want to know what to look for in a fitness program to make sure you will be consistent and get results?

We all know that exercise is good for you, and has a plethora of positive results! Just to name a few:

  • More energy
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risk of sickness and disease
  • Stronger, leaner and healthier muscle
  • Plus, less physical results such as having more self-confidence because looking in the mirror after you get out of the shower makes your day instead of ruins it!

So, since these very important results of having a consistent exercise routine are widely known and common knowledge, why isn’t everyone rushing to their local gym?!  Well, the honest truth is that most people just do not like their work out program!  People try a variety of different things to get the all-important benefits of exercise and all too often, they don’t have the consistency to see it through.  Ask any adult how many different gyms they have joined in their lifetime and the answer will probably be more than a couple.  Because of this people are hesitant to try another workout program; I mean who likes to fail?! Too many people just give up and get deeper and deeper into unhealthy habits and routines. 

So, what is the solution?!  Below are the three factors that I feel MUST be there in order for a fitness program to work and for the participants to stick around long enough for the program to have lasting benefits!

1) The program must be able to deliver RESULTS!

2) The program has to be FUN!

3) The program has to encourage a POSITIVE LIFESTYLE!  

RESULTS – A workout has to……. work!  You have to get results from the effort you put in!  Now of course the desired results vary person to person.  Some people are looking for a cardio workout to burn calories, other people want to build muscle mass to look like The Rock.  So, before you pick a workout program you must define what “success” looks like to you!  It is also important to remember that a well-rounded approach will almost always lead to the best results!  For example, even if your goal is to build muscle mass, working on flexibility is still important and will lead to the best results for you!  So, make sure that the workout routine you choose provides the opportunity to hit many areas of overall fitness!

FUN – As someone who has been in the fitness industry for a long time, I will tell you one thing that I have found to be true: Even if a program gets you results, if it is not fun for you then you will not stick with it.  That is just human nature; you have to enjoy your workout! Now please, please PLEASE don’t think that fun here means easy. An easy workout won’t give you results, so please refer to the previous point about results.  Fun means even though it is hard (and parts of it honestly sucked) you were happy to do it!  That fun can come from the satisfaction of completing a set, setting a new Personal Record, it can come from the people you workout with or the coach leading the workout.  There are so many things that can make it fun, and just like results what makes it fun is different for each person.  But make sure that you enjoy the journey!

Positive Lifestyle – A fun workout that gets results is a great start, but health and wellness must be a lifestyle!  You cannot out exercise a bad diet, and working out needs to become not just a physical exercise but a mental one as well.  The program you decide to follow has to encourage and support a lifestyle of positive choices and a positive attitude.  The great thing about working out (well, one of the many great things) is that exercising actually chemically changes your body to be happier and more positive!  So, if you want that positivity to stick and for happiness to not just be a “sometimes” thing, you have to make positive lifestyle choices!  Find a gym that promotes a culture that is a positive influence on you and others!

There are an endless number of factors you could consider when looking for a fitness program. There may be a few things not mentioned in this article that are deal breakers for you that don’t matter to the next guy.  That being said, I strongly feel the three things that were the focus of this write up are necessary and important for everyone to pay attention to in looking for the work out that is best for them.  The results of consistent exercise are SO important and something everyone MUST pay attention to.  For a long and healthy life, find a workout program that gets results, is fun, and leads to a positive lifestyle!  

To your health and happiness!

RJ LoPresti
Choe’s HapKiDo
Shape Up Kickboxing