Preparing for Braces: A Parent's Simple Guide to Braces for Kids

Getting braces as a kid can be one of the most frightening experiences possible. You don't know how to brush with them, what foods you may miss out on, and what your friends may think.

Braces for kids are a scary subject, so how do you prepare your child for it?

Here is our guide to preparing your child for braces.

1. Explain What Is Going On and Its Importance

Many medical decisions are left with their parents because of their sophistication. This can often lead to the child feeling left out over what is happening to their body.

Be sure to break it down in the simplest way possible, but also emphasize its importance. Getting braces for kids does not mean anything is wrong with them but is meant to help them throughout life.

2. Tell Them How Long it May Take

Once they understand what is going on and the importance of the braces, let them know how long it may be before they get them off. Time flies as an adult, but as a child, 1 to 2 years can make a huge difference.

If the time changes and they need to go for longer or come off sooner, be sure to relay this information as well. Don't just leave the child guessing every time they go into the orthodontist's office.

3. Break Down Any Myths They've Heard

There are plenty of myths about kid's braces out there. Between the wires rusting or not being able to play sports, child myths can run rampant. Be sure to address any questions or myths your child has about braces.

This can make them more comfortable with their experience. It can also help quell any concerns other children that are friends with your child.

4. Braces Do Not Always Hurt

Being told that you will be in pain can make many children scared. This can cause their imagination to run wild and think they will always be in pain for as long as they have braces.

Ensure them that it is not pain, and more of a sore feeling when they are put on or tightened, and that the soreness goes away after a day or so.

For those looking into getting braces, be sure to check out this article on whether braces really hurt or not.

5. Braces Are Not Just for Teens and Kids

Let them know that braces can happen at any age and that getting them as a kid is to make it easier for them later in life. But it is also not abnormal anymore to see adults with braces.

Showing them these pictures may actually make them secure with the idea of getting braces. They can be under the impression that they are doing what adults do and lead to an increase in comfortability with them.

Braces for Kids: Ensuring They Understand What Is Going On

Getting braces for kids can be an easy task and can help them out throughout life. The key is to make them comfortable and help them understand what is going on. From there, it can be an easy 1 to 3-year experience for both the parent and the child.

If you want to learn more about the importance of health and all its aspects, be sure to check out our other articles. If you know a parent that is considering braces for their child, be sure to share this article with them.