Why Clear Aligners are the Best Option for Your Teeth

The advent of clear aligners has been a turning point in orthodontic treatments. Braces are no longer thought about with dread and trepidation. For decades, wearing braces meant having a mouth full of metal brackets and wires that weren't exactly pretty-looking. They are a tad uncomfortable too with maintaining dental hygiene always being a challenge with them. These shortcomings led to the emergence of the clear aligner trays that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Clear aligners gently guide teeth into the right position through the use of a series of aligner trays, where each tray is slightly tighter than the previous one. The patient is provided with a new clear aligner every week or two, as treatment progresses. There are over two dozen clear aligner brands available and choosing a suitable one might seem a little daunting. The OrthoFX aligners make a good choice as its unique triple-layered, dual shelled design ensures shorter and more comfortable treatment regimes.

Here’s a look at why clear aligners make best orthodontic treatment options:


Its easier to clean and maintain clear plastic aligners. All you need to do is remove them out, clean them with a gentle brush and pop them right right back on again. With fixed braces, keeping them clean means a lot of time, patience and attention.


Since clear aligners can be replaced comfortably at home, you wont need to visit your orthodontist frequently for adjustments and care.


Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are made of see-through plastic and almost invisible to the naked eye. Hence the aesthetic appeal of clear aligners has gotten more self-conscious adults now opting for straightening their teeth too.


Since clear aligners can be easily removed and put into place without needing professional help, even younger patients can use them without any hassles. They are more comfortable to wear as they are made of smooth plastic that doesn’t irritate the inner cheeks or teeth.

Oral hygiene

Clear aligners win hands down when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene as compared to traditional braces. Since they are removable, there are no issues with plaque formation, tooth decay, cavity formation or bad breath. With metal braces, there are always issues with food debris getting entangled within them.


There are many components to the traditional metal braces which can hurt your cheek lining or tongue in case of a mishap. This can result in severe pain and discomfort in talking or eating. Clear aligners on the other hand fit so snugly on the teeth and because they are made of thin and smooth plastic, they are so easy to wear too.

Dietary habits

There are no changes to the diet with clear aligners. Since the aligner trays are removed prior to eating, you can eat whatever you want, which isn't the case with metal braces. So clear aligners are definitely a better choice!

Treatment duration

With the use of the latest technology in clear aligners, the treatment duration is shorter when compared with the more traditional methods. This makes clear aligners a better option for orthodontic treatments.

Digital technology

The orthodontist uses 3D digital technology to create impressions of the teeth to provide accurate treatment with precisely designed aligner trays. This level of digital technology allows the orthodontist to get a glimpse of the future result of treatment and is a great improvement on traditional braces.

Beautiful smile

The end-result of wearing clear aligners for 20-22 hours daily results in straightened teeth and a beautiful smile. Make clear aligners your treatment of choice!