4 Ways Exercise Can Keep Teens Away From Drug And Substance Abuse

Teenage marks a crucial point in any human life. With this transformation, young people face several challenges that can make or break their future. One of these challenges is addiction.

Many people start using alcohol and drugs at the teenage level. Any person struggling with addiction today will tell you that they got into the behavior when they were teenagers. As such, having a teen in your home comes with many challenges. Fortunately, you can keep your teenagers from getting into drug and substance use.

But how can you achieve this goal? Well, engaging them in exercise and workout activities is a perfect way. Here are some ways how exercise can save your teens from getting into drugs/substance abuse:

Help in reducing stress and anxiety

Teenagers are prone to stress and anxiety. As their bodies change, many teens experience disturbing aspects. This experience can turn them into drugs and other substances. Regular exercises work as a good way of handling stress.

When teenagers engage in exercises, their minds get a powerful relief. This way, they refrain from drugs and substances that could offer a similar experience.

Lead to the production of the feel-good chemical naturally

Drugs like marijuana and cocaine stimulate the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel good” chemical that brings some excitement to the users. However, one does not need pills or puffs to produce it. Essentially, it is possible to stimulate its natural production.

Here is where exercise comes into play. Participating in regular exercises results in releasing of high endorphins levels. It helps the body to release this chemical without requiring the intake of other substances. Hence, exercises will keep your teens from substances and drugs that can ruin their lives.  

Boost self-esteem and discipline

Having low self-esteem is among the reasons why teens turn to addiction. Some teens have a sense of inadequacy. They feel as if no one wants them and have nothing to live for. This feeling makes them embrace a behavior or habit to reinforce their current state. One of these aspects is turning to drug and substance use.

By engaging your youngsters in active exercise activities, you boost their self-esteem. You give them a reason to be alive. Also, exercise enhances their discipline and reduces their chances of turning to drugs.  Hence, exercises are central for parents seeking to save their teens from drug and substance addiction.

Balancing the emotional and cognitive decision making

When you visit teen rehab facilities like and others, they will inform you that imbalance between emotional and cognitive decision making is the cause of youngster addiction. Many teenagers’ brains are unable to make mature decisions. For this reason, many of them turn to risky habits such as drug and substance use.

Fortunately, you can help your youngster earn balance by engaging them in workout activities. Exercises break the imbalance and enable teens to make the right decisions. This way, they can easily avoid engaging in harmful practices like drug use.

So, you know why exercises are essential in saving your teenager from drug and substance addiction problems.