7 Benefits of Exercising After Pregnancy

You don’t need to immediately go hard with exercising right after giving birth. You should give yourself all the time and space you need to fully recover. You need to be at your best recovering state to be able to be the best mother for your baby. There is no need to rush. Give yourself a break, sweetheart!  You’ve just given birth to a beautiful baby and you should take all your sweet time to bask in the glory.

Do note though that after you’ve taken your time to recover and recuperate, you can then be free to consider returning to exercising. This is because exercising after pregnancy is extremely beneficial. This post will enlist all its benefits in the hopes that you’d look forward to enjoying all of it should you choose to embark on a fitness journey after your successful pregnancy.

7 Superb Benefits of Exercising After Pregnancy           

  1. Muscle Toning and Strengthening

Having a toned body will allow you to better care for your baby. Exercising little by little will allow you to develop your strength. A strengthened body will make it easy for you to care for your baby because walking, lifting, and regular body movements will feel more effortless. You’d be surprised at how exercising can make carrying your baby less tiring. The stronger you are, the stronger your baby will be as you’d get to fully be a hands-on mom.

  1. Fast Recovery from Natural Childbirth

Exercising will speed up your recovery from natural childbirth. Exercising has anti-inflammatory effects. It is primarily one of the main things that you could do to ensure fast recovery. Just exercising for 20 minutes can significantly reduce any bodily inflammation. Imagine how much help you’d get if you’d exercise for 20 minutes a day? So much! Healing requires deep activation of cells in the body and exercising will do exactly just that. Light exercises will do!

  1. Energy Level Improvement

Exercising will allow you to have more energy to care for your baby. It’s easy to think that it would exhaust you more and make you feel more tired but the exact opposite will happen. Exercising will allow you to better get hold of your energy level. A body that exercises can easily regulate and control energy usage. Through it, you’d have more energy and time to care for yourself, your newborn baby, and your family.

  1. Weight Loss

Weight loss should be the least of your priority after pregnancy. But if it is, that’s fine too, to each his own. Every mother is different and no one is better or lesser just because of differing goals and mothering style. Exercising brings so many benefits and one of them is weight loss. Weight loss is good because you’d allow your body to be in a better condition. Too much body fat can put you at a higher risk of diseases. Exercising can help you reduce body fat and eliminate excess weight gained from pregnancy.

  1. Improved Fitness

Exercising will make you a fit mom. Every child deserves a fit mom. The good thing with being fit is you get to do more and be more of what you can be. If you’re fit, you can easily and strongly tend to, care for, and love your child every step of the way. Now that you have a baby, the center of your universe has changed. Every once of your being is now dedicated to giving you baby the best life possible and it all starts and ends with you. If you’re a fit mom, you’d be able to be and give everything that your baby needs.

  1. Mental Wellness

Mothers who just gave birth can suffer from postnatal depression. Exercising can effectively help you in avoiding it. Exercising releases endorphins and good hormones that help in the fitness of your mental health. Enrolling under the number 1 personal training facility in Bentleigh East for moms who just gave birth will even give you the chance to interact with other moms who are undergoing the same struggle. Exercising with others will give you a strong support system that will greatly help you maintain a positive outlook and fit body and mind.

  1. Better Stress Management

Exercising will make you a happier person. It releases feel-good hormones that can easily raise your mood every single time. If your mood is great, you’d always be in a good space when tending to, nurturing, and nursing your baby. A happy mommy will have a happy baby. So if you want a happy baby, you should consider returning to exercising after recovering from birth-giving.

When to exercise after a vaginal birth?

You can start doing light exercises immediately two days after giving birth. If anything feels painful, you should stop.

You can do abdominal and pelvic exercises. You can also go on gentle walks. Walking gently for 30 minutes a day is a fantastic start. Note that it’s not safe for you to swim until after your bleeding has stopped. It will be safe for you to go to a gym or undergo a fitness program after your 6-week postnatal check-up.

When to exercise after a caesarian?

You need at least 6 weeks to fully recover from a caesarian operation. It is a major operation so you need more time for healing and recovery.

Feel free to exercise only when you feel able to. Note though that you should not put any additional pressure on your scar. You will still be healing 8 weeks after giving birth so it’s safe to go on gentle walks first. Never push yourself if you feel any discomfort when doing light exercises. High-impact exercises should be avoided for at least four months.

Low-risk Exercise that You Can Try Now

  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Light weight training
  • Low-impact aerobics