Six ways To Boost Your Workout Session At Home

A daily dose of exercise can boost immunity, energy, and productivity. Now that health and wellbeing have garnered a renewed focus, it draws more people towards the gym.

However, gym training isn’t the end of the story. You must work out at home also to continue the fitness streak. You can reap extra benefits from your workout sessions if you follow these tips at home.

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  1. Balance Your Food Intake

Rigorous exercise requires lots of energy and endurance. Taking carbs that are slow to digest before exercise is very beneficial for this purpose. Instead of bread or bagels, keep oatmeal, buckwheat, and fruits in your pre-workout diet. 

Stay away from high-fat meals before a workout. Eat a green salad with your high fat meal. You can also take whey protein and creatine supplements before and after workouts for increased muscle mass.

  1. Take Caffeine and Cocoa

Caffeine and cocoa can work wonders for muscle training. Many research has shown that consuming around 200-400 mg of caffeine around 1-2 hours before exercise can increase endurance. It can also reduce muscle pain due to exercise and increase fat burning. However, you will benefit more from caffeine supplements rather than coffee.

You can add around two teaspoons of cocoa to your protein shake before a workout. Cocoa contains a flavonol named epicatechin that helps to dilate blood vessels and boosts NO production in your blood.

  1. Maintain Cholesterol Level

Various studies indicate that higher cholesterol intake in adults who weight lift gain more muscle and strength. In fact, scientists have observed that people who ate a high cholesterol diet and weight training for 12 weeks had gained five times more muscle growth and 55% more strength.

Therefore, you can include one or two eggs in your daily diet along with one meal of red meat. This will help boost cholesterol levels in your blood.

  1. Variation in Repetition Speed

Scientists have found that fast repetition leads to more strength gain than slow repetition. On the other hand, slow-rep contributes more to muscle gain than fast-rep.

This is why you should strike a balance between fast and slow rep for both muscle gain and increased strength. You can do fast-rep for a couple of weeks and then switch to slow-rep for the next 2-3 weeks. You can easily do it at home.

  1. Relaxation is Important

Do not exercise obsessively. It is essential that you take necessary breaks in your day so that you can maintain your exercise routine. Also, excessive heavy training can hinder your muscle growth.

Instead, what you can do is have a good relaxation time after exercise. You can take a hot bath or relax in a sauna. Heat can also boost muscle growth in the body. You can also drink about 4 cups of black tea every day to keep cortisol levels in check. Black tea will help you to calm down after a stressful workout session.

  1. Listen To Music

Using music to increase productivity is an ancient technique. Research has also found that music helps to boost motivation and energy in the listener. Listening to music while working out can increase 1-2 reps per exercise.  Therefore, it’s time you make a playlist that consists of your favorite upbeat tracks and start your training.

Final Thought

Additionally, you should continue to take your shakes and supplements for a boost in your workout sessions. Stretch after the workout, not before. You will also benefit if you train with your friends.