Healthy Gift Ideas at Easter

Think of Easter and inevitably thoughts turn to chocolate, and what is more, lots of it. Of course, there is a serious side to the Christian celebration, but aside from the religious aspect of this annual festival period, only Halloween and possibly Christmas, can match the enormous quantities of this high in sugar and saturated fat product, that is consumed over a short space of time.

Additionally, there is a tendency to ramp up the calories with a splurge on hot cross buns and other little seasonal binges; plus, alcohol intake also sees an increase, through time off work and chances to relax. However, in a time when the worlds health is under its starkest scrutiny, perhaps approaching the break with a healthier mindset, might be a sensible option and that doesn't necessarily have to be seen as a negative outlook. There are many ways in which friends, family and loved ones can still be given lovely presents, but ones that will be of greater benefit to their long-term well-being.

Naturally the children will expect a barrow load of chocolate eggs, mainly because that is what they have become accustomed to; consequently, maybe the odd one or two will still be necessary. Nevertheless, by starting a process where they begin to expect less, can begin with alternatives foods created and shaped in a cute way, so that the Easter theme is still there, but the actual food itself is much healthier. Pears decorated with rabbit faces, cheese and crackers projected to look like chicks, bagels and pancakes with an appealing bunny design, anything topical really. Alternatively, arrange an Easter egg hunt, but instead of the chocolate versions, let them find the hard-boiled real things, and allow them to add bits of raisins, peppers, carrots, or whatever, to produce a face of their own.

When it comes to gift ideas, Easter can definitely throw up just as many imaginative options for adults, as at any other time of the year. Giving a more health-conscious gift will potentially mean more to the recipient than an expensive chocolate egg and can introduce others to a healthier lifestyle. An excellent choice would be some kind of gourmet gift hamper containing all manner of healthy food sorts. Contents can be delicious yet still gluten free, possibly even vegan, but still a positive feast. Items such as: region specific anchovies and sardines in oil, mangos, pineapples and grapefruit, street food tapas, dried figs, lemon and ginger biscuits, spicy Chai tea, sweet soy and crispy seaweed, roasted chickpeas, garlic stuffed olives, coconut bites, almond butter, hazelnut spread, cinnamon brownies; all supremely tasty, but with the added bonus of leaving the partaker feeling fit and full of zest, rather than bloated and lethargic.

Another health focused gift idea could be centered around gardening. Anything that gets an individual out in the fresh air and active, has to be a good thing. A few differing types of seeds, together with some small garden tools and maybe a pair of gloves to go with them, make a nice start for someone. They hopefully will be encouraged to potter a little and before long will have been inflicted with the magical gardening bug. Exercise of any kind is advantageous, so anything related is definitely a good choice and naturally something sports connected will almost certainly combine the two. Maybe a gym membership, or simply some jogging gear, should be well received.

Wellness is something that is taken for granted by many, but over a period of time it can, without being obvious, start to deteriorate. Cutting back on the usual Easter trimmings in favor of a healthier attitude, has to be a good thing. Therefore, if a caring gift along those lines can give helping hand and a gentle nudge in right direction, then chocolate can take a back seat for once.