Gut Instincts: 3 Key Benefits of a Healthy GI Tract

For a long time, scientists have pondered, researched, and explored the question, Does our gut biome control our mind? What's the connection between the two?

In so many ways, the answer is yes: the bacteria in our gut have sway over certain bodily functions and operations. The connection between the two is far-ranging and subtle, yet impactful. A balance or imbalance in the gut contributes to a wide range of human activities.

. . . Which is why "gut instincts" are a worthy topic. 

What's the point of a healthy GI tract—y'know, besides healthier neurological functions? Here, we spotlight some of the top reasons to care about what your belly has to say (when it's not growling for food).

  1. Your Gut Affects Several Aspects of the Body

While not all medical issues stem from a gastrointestinal problem, many do—albeit indirectly. 

Much research suggests that microbes living in our gut can influence other bodily functions. These effects range from emotional, where mood and behavior are altered, to physical—even affecting our risk of neurological diseases. This influence can happen in several ways.

One example is if the gut bacteria are imbalanced, the microbiomes could stimulate the production of a rogue protein that causes Parkinson's disease. 

  1. Immune Health and GI Health: Match Made in Heaven

There are gastrointestinal doctors, like those at, for a reason—a healthy GI tract does the body well, including contributing to a thriving immune system. 

If you're like everyone else in the world wondering how to improve their immunity right now, you're probably asking, How? 

Well, the community of microorganisms in your belly—also known as your gut microbiome—can help rebuild immunity, especially after it's been through something significant. For example, those with a greater diversity of bacteria in the gut have a better chance of surviving a stem cell transplant. In simple terms, that's because the healthy bacteria thrive while the bad does not. 

Several other studies link gut health to a solid immune system, and further connections are still being researched.

  1. Enjoy Regular BMs

By the way, that's short for bowel movements.

If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, cramping, gas, and other abdominal issues, you'll take comfort in knowing the strong correlation between a healthy GI tract and your overall bathroom experiences. For the most part, what you eat and when is up to you—meaning you have total control over keeping your gut biome in check.

Of course, that also means enjoying a regular poop schedule!

Take the reigns by drinking more fluids, having a balanced diet, and exercising often. 

Trust Your Gut Instincts

Healthy digestion and a healthy GI tract contribute to a happy existence. An imbalance may cause a slew of uncomfortable symptoms—whereas a balance restores peace and well-being. Get ahead of any GI problems by treating your gut the way it deserves, today.

What else are your gut instincts telling you?

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