7 Essential Products for Seniors Living Independently

Many elderly people want to live alone and independently for as long as they can before moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

There are many different things that they can invest in to make living alone easier for them so they're able to do it longer.

If you're looking for products to buy an elderly parent, friend, or loved one, then keep reading for a list of seven essential products for elderly living alone.

1. Shower Chair

The best way for an elderly person to safely take a shower on their own is for them to use a nonslip shower chair. A shower chair is the best way for them to continue showering on their own to get the privacy they need.

Having a shower chair means they won't have to stand in the shower and risk falling. It will also help them to stay in the shower longer because they won't get tired from standing.

2. Electric Wheelchair

As time goes on, it may become harder for an elderly person to walk or do daily tasks while standing. A great way for them to move around easier is to buy electric wheelchair. This will give them the freedom to get around their home as well as take outings on their own if they want to. 

3. Reacher Grabber

Another essential product for an elderly person living alone is a reacher grabber. This is an awesome tool that can help in many different ways. Sometimes it is difficult for an elderly person to get something off of the floor or something that is high on a shelf. This is where the reacher grabber comes in and can aid them to get things that they couldn't reach before.

4. Handrails or Grab bars

Installing handrails or grab bars by the bed and in the bathroom will be a huge help to the elderly that are living independently. Even if they can get out of bed or off the toilet on their own, these handrails can be there to aid them if they were ever to need it. This will help them transition from place to place safely.

5. Medical Alert System

A medical alert system such as Life Alert or Medical Guardian can be a security blanket for elderly living on their own. It can also help to give their friends and family members peace of mind. If anything were to go wrong, then by wearing a medical alert system at all times means that help is just one button push away.

6. Cellphone

Another product that is necessary for the elderly living alone is a cellphone. A cellphone is much better than a house phone because they can keep it on them at all times. If they're out and about somewhere, then they could call if they were ever to need help. You may have to sit down with them and explain the basics of how to use it but it can be a huge help.

7. Smart Vacuum

Pushing around a regular vacuum is something that an elderly person living alone may not be able to do as it is very physical. Getting them a smart vacuum is an easy way to keep their homes clean without having to put in a lot of effort.

Products for Elderly Living Alone

Living along as an elderly person can be a huge challenge but there are many ways to make it easier. If you're a child or friend of an elderly person, then try buying these products for elderly living alone.

If you're interested in more tips and tricks to living a healthier and easier life, then check out the rest of our blog.