Help for Designers: A List of the Best Brochure Templates

Despite being the age of digital advertising, the personal touch and exquisite design of a business brochure will never fully disappear.

The reason is that they are still effective at attracting your customer's attention, getting people to read its content, and sticky around longer than a web page.

But, there is a catch: the best brochure templates are needed to ensure that the aesthetics are high-quality and engaging. 

If you are a designer, use these templates to make your graphics and layout perfect for the industry for which they serve.

Annual Report Layout

The best design suits the need of your client and their target audience. Annual appeals give constituents, board members, and the interested public a snap-shot of your achievements and future goals.

This will include many statistics in quantitative form, financial data, and qualitative anecdotes of success. This template uses easy-to-read infographics, charts, and photos to break up complex content.

Restaurant Menu

Yes, even restaurant menus are brochure styles that need top-notch design skills. A takeout menu can sit in someone's kitchen for years. Making a good one can encourage customers to try new food and come back for more.

Food templates should be simple with professional culinary photos that look delicious and represent the realistic image of the menu. 

You will also want to include the restaurant's cooking philosophy to showcase the value of the restaurant. 

Fashion Catalog

You may think it is difficult to design a fashion catalog since most of the images are clothing and accessories. But, the best brochures think outside of the box. 

This is your opportunity to get artistic by thinking high-fashion with a customized brochure. And most catalog offer at least a dozen pages, giving you room to add interesting graphics. 

Text in this template style is limited to product descriptions, so the imagery is of great importance. 

Newsletter Brochure

Newsletter templates remain more classic and editorial, so brochure inspiration may strike you in how to layout text and images in a unique way. 

Be sure not to stray too much from the template as you will need to consider the viewer's perspective. Newsletter read like books so the content must be logically placed from left to right and up to down. 

Business/Corporate Brochure

Sending a business brochure to a potential client is a great way to show your professionalism while offering a glimpse into your service.

Impress them right away with a stunning cover image, logo, and slogan so they know exactly who you are before opening the trifold. 

Continue with simplistic brochure ideas inside the pamphlet. Alternating text and graphic images keep the eye moving from one section to the next. You want to offer just enough information without the client becoming bored.

Best Brochure Templates Include a Call to Action

The best brochure templates aren't just about pretty pictures. Their purpose is to attract business. Make sure all of your designs include a directive to your audience. They should visit, call, or go to the web site to get more information. 

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