When Should You Drink Meal Replacement Protein Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes can bring a lot of convenience to your diet. But if you drink them in a haphazard fashion, you leave a lot of their potential on the table. Discover below how to time your meal replacement shakes in such a way that they bring you better results.

Best Times to Drink Your Meal Replacement Shakes

Certain times lend themselves to drinking meal replacement shakes particularly well. Consume your meal replacement shakes when you want:

  • To avoid skipping a meal If you have a lot on your plate in life or at work, skipping meals may seem tempting. But giving your body nothing to run on makes it only a matter of time until you feel miserable. When you have no time or desire to eat a solid meal, meal replacement shakes can be a keeper and you can see more about that here.
  • To snack between meals Solid meals aren't always enough to keep your energy from taking a dive at some point during the day. If you feel sluggish between your regular solid meals, meal replacement shakes serve as healthy snacks. Well-balanced and packed with nutrients, they can help your energy to quickly return to optimal levels.
  • To fuel your workout and recovery Giving your muscles enough glycogen and amino acids before the workout allows them to perform at their best. Likewise, supplying them with enough nutrients to recover ensures that your workouts bring results in the long run. For these reasons, drinking meal replacement shakes before and after your workouts can be especially productive.

When Meal Replacement Shakes Can Do No Good

Sometimes drinking meal replacement shakes can be counterproductive. Avoid consuming them:

  • Instead of all regular solid meals Liquid diets often advocate using meal replacement shakes frequently, to the point of almost completely replacing regular solid meals. While it may seem appealing, meal replacement shakes can't possibly give the body everything it needs. For this reason, it is best to use them to supplement rather than substitute your regular solid meals.
  • Shortly before going to bed If you use a quality meal replacement supplement, chances are it contains a high amount of protein. Certain amino acids, however, have the capacity to increase levels of brain activity. As a result, drinking meal replacement shakes before bed may disturb the quality of your sleep.
  • Right before your meals Despite being easy to get down, meal replacement shakes are densely packed with nutrients. As such, they can take the appetite away from you for hours. Due to this, it's not a good idea to drink meal replacement shakes shortly before your regular solid meals.

Timing Is Key: Schedule Your Meal Replacement Shakes

Proper timing is a force multiplier when it comes to drinking meal replacement shakes. At the right time, they can do wonders for your energy levels. But drink them at the wrong moment, and you're wasting their potential. Schedule drinking your meal replacement shakes for when they actually work for you.