5 Reasons You Are Not Photogenic: A Lot of This Can Be Improved

Every photographer has clients who feel they will never look good in pictures. Subjects often warn photographers that making them appear attractive will be a challenge. However, professionals know lots of ways to bring out the best in every person. They also understand that not being photogenic does not mean their clients are unattractive. It typically means there are fixable problems that make subjects appear less good-looking in photos.

1) A Less-Than-Perfect Smile Can Affect Photos

When it comes to photos, the smile is all-important. A beautiful smile is often the focal point of a memorable snapshot. People who are embarrassed by damaged or discolored teeth may smile awkwardly or not at all, which detracts from their looks and can make them camera shy. The fix for this problem can be as simple as visiting a dentist. For example, professionals like Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures that can dramatically improve smiles.

2) Some People Are Uncomfortable in Front of Cameras

Some people may or not be beautiful but who light up when a camera is pointed at them and rarely take a poor photo. They often practice posing so they are ready for any photo op. Others may be just as striking but look awkward in pictures because they hate having their pictures taken. Professional photographers know how to create an environment that makes anyone comfortable.

3) Non-Photographers Do Not Always Flatter Subjects

Some surprisingly simple tricks can help improve the quality of images, but amateurs usually do not take advantage of them. Non-professionals typically just point and shoot, without preparing subjects or backgrounds. That often results in photos of people with washed-out skin tones and ungraceful poses. Taking the time to pose people attractively in flattering settings is key to great results. According to Stylecaster experts, simple actions like using a white wall as a backdrop can make a huge difference. Light backgrounds brighten faces and make it easier for camera settings to detect the best skin tones.

4) Bad Camera Angles Create Poor Results

People who routinely hate the way they look in pictures often do not realize that changing camera angles can dramatically improve photos. For instance, several often-photographed women advised a Woman's Day writer that they never allow photos to be taken from below their chins. Celebrities, models, and other people who are always in front of cameras also learn how to avoid blinking by staring at the ground and only looking up before the shutter clicks. They even stick out their heads to get better camera angles and never suck in their stomachs because doing so makes their shoulders slouch.

5) Photos May Not Showcase the Best Features

It is easy to believe that the "beautiful people" look great in pictures because they are nearly flawless, but that is rarely true. They just know how to emphasize their good points and play down less-attractive features. For instance, a woman with a short torso will place her hands at her hips to create the look of a longer torso. Those with thick legs pivot their upper bodies or pop out one leg during photo shoots.

Some of the most photogenic people in the world are not the most attractive and may not even appear that good-looking in amateur snaps. Highly photogenic subjects know how to make the most of their looks. They are always camera-ready, understand how to accent their best features, ensure they have attractive smiles, and make sure pictures feature their best angles.