How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training Program

The best yoga teacher training program is the one that fulfills your vision of what being a yoga instructor means to you. To find the yoga teacher training program that is perfect for you, you need to know your intention in becoming a yoga instructor.

Reputable Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Quality yoga teacher training programs have a couple of things in common. 

First, the program you choose should be accredited by the Yoga Alliance. This is a not-for-profit regulating agency that ensures the integrity of yoga teacher training programs. A program can be diverse in their school of practice, but the Alliance ensures the training meets core curriculum requirements so that registered training programs are held to standards of safety, equity, and evidence-based practices. 

Second, the yoga teacher training program you choose should provide you with the YTT 200-hour teacher training certificate upon completion of their program so you can register as a yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance. Once registered, you are eligible to teach at any yoga studio and will be able to become insured, which is very important before you step onto any yoga teacher mat. 

The Best Yoga Teacher Training Program for You

Asking yourself a few questions will help narrow down some of the training program options. 

Why do you want to pursue yoga teacher training?

Finding your intention is the key to selecting a program that meets your needs. Are you on this path purely for personal growth and to deepen your practice? Do you intend to teach yoga as a part-time supplement to your current career, or will teaching yoga become your life's work with the YTT 200-hour certification just the first step in a life-long teaching journey?

Once you have narrowed down your purpose for becoming a yoga teacher, you can begin to focus on where you see yourself sharing this sacred practice with others? 

Where do you see yourself teaching yoga?

Do you aspire to open your own studio? If so, look for a program that includes building and managing a business in their curriculum. Do you intend to teach in person, online, or both? Find a program that includes whichever platform you intend to teach. Here is some great information for online yoga teacher training.

Will you have a specialty clientele, such as addiction rehabilitation, geriatric, children, soldiers with PTSD, or prenatal? Once you've narrowed down a clientele that resonates with you, search for a teacher training program that includes those specialties. 

Which style of yoga speaks to you?

Finally, research the different styles of yoga. Once you have experienced a variety of yoga classes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, hot, HIIT, or naked yoga (yep, that's a thing), you can then find a yoga teacher training program that emphasizes your preferred style. 

The Savasana

To wrap up finding the best yoga teacher training program for you, understand your intentions and needs as a future yogi master. Once you have your purpose and direction, search for Yoga Alliance accredited programs with high recommendations.