How Much Can You Expect to Spend on a Teeth Retainer in 2020?

Everyone feels confident when they have a bright smile they can flash around. However, this can be challenging to do if you have misaligned teeth. This is because the shape of your teeth greatly influences the look of your smile.

Dental solutions for misaligned teeth

Orthodontic treatments have advanced in modern times. As such, no one ever has to hide their smiles from the world because they have misaligned teeth. Today, orthodontists treat this condition using a variety of options, with the most popular being the use of braces and retainers.

The basis of the decision of the solution to go for is primarily based on the extent of the misalignment. Still, regardless of the recommended treatment, you will have to use retainers at one point. This is because they are highly popular as an aftercare solution to hold teeth in place.

What if you have minimal teeth misalignment?

If your teeth misalignment is not too severe to cause major bite problems or other dental complications, then retainers can be used as the only treatment. However, this decision is only to be made after consultations with your dentist or orthodontist. Once you have professional approval, you can rely on retainers to straighten teeth and improve your smile.

Popular retainer typesDifferent types of retainers are available today, with each option best suited for specific situations. Still, they fall under three primary categories that are:

  • Clear retainers. Technological advancements in the dental industry have led to the formation of these nearly invisible retainers. The products from Clear Retain are made using clear plastic, which makes them have a unique aesthetic appeal. This is primarily because, once worn, they are not quickly noticeable by other individuals. It is, therefore, not surprising that clear retainers have become quite popular. The best part is that they are comfortable to wear as they are customized to ensure a perfect fit. You will also love that these retainers cost as low as $84.95.
  • Hawley/wire retainers. As the name suggests, these retainers are defined by their molded acrylic arch and wire. They have been around for a long time, and when worn, the wire is visible. They are removable retainers that can be used on both the upper and lower jaw. When opting for these retainers, you should expect to spend around $300 to $1,500.
  • Permanent retainers. These are fixed retainers that can only be placed and removed from a patient's mouth by an orthodontist. Therefore, unlike removable retainers, once they have been connected, they remain in place until they are professionally removed. Since they are bonded on the teeth for a long time, they are the most expensive type of retainers. If this is your choice, you can expect to spend around $1,000.

Retainers are valuable orthodontic solutions that have been responsible for improving the smiles of countless individuals. This makes them a suitable solution for everyone who wants to attain a lovely set of straight teeth and have a great-looking smile. Besides the aesthetic value of using retainers, these devices also have other benefits, including solving bite issues.

You will also love the simplicity in ordering and obtaining these dental products.The icing on the cake is that they are easy to use, and with the right maintenance, they will last.