The Path to Recovery: How Is a Typical Day in a Senior Rehab Facility Structured?

People who typically need to go to a rehabilitation center usually face a rather structured environment that helps them to recover from whatever sent them to the center. This is true whether the rehabilitation is for drugs, alcohol, or for recovery from major surgery or illness, and is more acute when the person involved is elderly. This article will focus on the elderly population or the seniors who are in a rehabilitation facility and how their days are normally structured in such a facility. Knowing what is done differently for seniors than for other people will be helpful to family members whose relatives have to go to a senior rehab facility.

Looking at Life in a Senior Rehabilitation Facility

When a person checks into a rehabilitation center, it is usually because his or her condition warrants getting assistance that's not available on an outpatient basis. Whatever condition the person has is severe enough to require the person to be in-house receiving the rehab services, and in the case of the elderly, the person may not be able to take care of himself or herself. A Senior Rehab Facility in Ohio offers services to the elderly to help them to adjust to living their lives as close to what they were used to at home as possible. The structured environment helps to ensure the elderly clients that they can expect to receive equal and effective care from staff members and not feel neglected.

A Typical Day in a Senior Rehab Center

A typical day that a senior can expect to see at a senior rehab facility will start with the nurses making their rounds, assisting patients who need help with grooming, and other personal care needs. At the conclusion of the breakfast hour, patients are usually taken to the gymnasium to participate in any physical therapy that may be required of them. Each senior patient will be assigned to a therapist who will help him or her complete the daily regimen of exercise and techniques required for healing and growth. Various kinds of equipment are used to assist elderly patients in being able to perform their therapeutic exercises without too much difficulty.

More about a Typical Day in a Senior Rehab Center

To ensure that the senior patients continue to receive round-the-clock care and not be tossed aside as if they don't matter, supervisors will go around and check on the work of the staff. At the lunch hour, the seniors have a chance to socialize with others in the facility, and there are diverse diets for them. A resident dietitian is usually on-hand to assist the senior patients with specific dietary restrictions, such as residents with diabetes or diverticulitis.

A Final Look at a Typical Day in a Senior Rehab

In the afternoon at the senior rehab facilities, patients will generally continue with their various therapies, such as speech therapy and occupational therapy. Depending on what the senior patient needs, other activities may be going on at the time, including excursions for the patient. In the evenings, senior patients usually spend time with any visiting family members and friends, and they enjoy their dinner menu. Family members are also encouraged to visit the senior family members at other hours of the day, such as watching what takes place during physical therapy.