8 Health and Wellness Tips for Beginners That'll Seem Too Good to Be True

In the US, 40% of people between 20 and 39 are obese.

Unfortunately, obesity affects our health in a number of ways, including increasing the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

If you are struggling to lose weight, now is a good time to talk to your doctor to find out how they can help you.

What else can you do to improve the way you look and feel? Read on to find out some useful health and wellness tips that will help you lose the weight for good.

1. Strict Restrictions Don't Work for Everyone

For some, going completely cold turkey on the chocolate, take-out, and alcohol is a great way to lose weight.

For others, these restrictions make us feel terrible. Instead of trying to cut out everything that you love, try to reduce how much of it you eat.

Can you reduce the number of take-outs per week to just two, then one? Can you stop buying alcohol and junk food to have in the house?

By still allowing yourself a treat, you retrain your brain to enjoy the food you're eating. You're not on a diet—you're simply allowing your body to love all food.

2. Deal With Your Demons

For many of us, overeating is a coping mechanism that comes from a place of darkness. Unfortunately, therapy is a very expensive luxury that many of us simply cannot afford.

However, even just a few sessions with a counselor or in a therapy group could help you overcome your issues.

All the while, why not read self-help books, learn more about psychology and philosophy, and even complete a CBT workbook?

By understanding why we overeat and being able to recognize the emotions that encourage us to drink too much, we can stop them in their tracks.

3. Doing a Little Bit Every Day Is Beneficial

When you're a beginner, there is a tendency to look at all of the fitness gurus on social media and want to give up completely.

Instead of following unattainable workout videos or hitting the gym full of buff, gym bunnies, do your own workouts instead.

First, go for daily walks around the park. Every day, try to increase how far you walk. If you find this boring, add in a little jog or listen to podcasts and music.

As your fitness increases, try jogging for 30 seconds and walk to recover. Keep this up and you'll notice your fitness hugely increase. If you're not interested in running, then find a sport that you do enjoy.

Finally, look up some bodyweight moves that you are able to do in the house. Why not attempt the 100-a-day squat or pushup challenge?

Slowly building up your fitness day by day will keep you feeling motivated. Just remember to stay away from social media!

4. Eating Healthy Snacks Is a Good Idea

When you're feeling peckish, do you head straight for the candy aisle of your local store? Instead of trying to ignore these hunger pangs, always be prepared.

Why not keep fruit and nut mix in your car or bag at all times? As soon as you're feeling hungry, have a couple of handfuls and wait ten minutes. You'll feel full in no time!

Nuts release energy slowly so you'll need to eat less of them to feel full. Better yet, they're packed full of nutrients.

5. Don't Forget to Drink Water

Instead of drinking your calories in coffee, soft drinks, or alcohol, instead, reach for water instead. Your body will thank you.

Staying hydrated will reduce your hunger pangs. You should always remember to carry a water bottle with you (and preferably a reusable one).

You should be aiming to drink around two liters of liquid every day. This number should be increased if you're sweating heavily after a workout.

6. Learn How to Cook Well

When you're trying to look after your health and lose weight, it's essential that you know what goes into the food you're eating.

Cooking is a brilliant way to destress from your working day. But, it requires some skill. Why not sign up for a class that teaches you some healthy, easy meals?

Alternatively, spend an afternoon following a few YouTube videos. If you batch cook meals then you can freeze them for easier dinner times throughout the week.

Furthermore, check out the holistic nutrition lifestyle which aims to treat not only your body but also your mind through food.

7. Focus on Getting Enough Sleep

Are you guilty of going to bed with your phone and reaching for it whenever you wake up in the night? This may be damaging your sleeping pattern.

You've likely read it before, but a nighttime routine is your secret weapon to getting better sleep! Around two hours before you go to bed, begin winding down.

Your routine can involve anything from twenty minutes of meditation and yoga to chamomile tea and a good book. Wash your face with a lavender-scented cleanser and leave your phone in another room where you're not tempted to look at it.

When our bodies are well-rested, they're more able to burn calories. Furthermore, you're less likely to crave sugar!

8. Reduce Your Meat and Dairy Consumption

Are you a carnivore that loves to eat meat for every meal? This habit may be damaging your health but it is also damaging the planet.

We now know that reducing our dairy and meat intake is the single biggest way we can reduce climate change.

But, by reducing how much meat we consume, we may also benefit our health as vegetables provide many wonderful nutrients.

The Best Health and Wellness Tips for You

When it comes to health and wellness tips, it's simply a case of getting started on your journey and incorporating those that work best for you.

You'll come across conflicting information in this industry. So, instead of blindly following a diet, find out how and why it can help you.

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