What skin conditions can’t be cured at home and need professional treatment?

Most of the skin condition cannot be cured at home. Even the most common acne problems can sometimes be out of domestic hands. Our skin is susceptible to many problems. It is exposed to microorganisms, ultraviolet rays and other harmful elements. Sometimes the food we eat might trigger problems. The cosmetics we use might have adverse effect. People with high cholesterol are also vulnerable to skin problems. But skin problems are not untreatable, there are many skincare treatments available for people.

As mentioned already some skin conditions can be cured at home and some can only be cured by a professional. Here is a list of some common skin condition that cannot be cured at home and need professional treatment.


Warts are common and there are many videos on the YouTube telling you how to remove it. But it is extremely dangerous to follow that. Warts are extra skin growth that can be hard or benign. It is caused by a virus and it can happen anywhere on the body. You might think of ignoring it in the first chance but if not given proper care, it will spread throughout the body. Warts can be eliminated with the help of a professional.


Eczema is often confused with dermatitis because of their similarity but are different from each other. Eczema is a skin condition in which skin becomes inflamed and cracked because of which there is itchiness and the skin surface feels rough. In extreme cases, these rough patches can turn into ugly blisters. Eczema can be triggered by certain food and environmental reasons. This skin condition is not communicable.


Psoriasis is a skin condition in which plaques begin to form. It is an immune system problem and is chronic. It comes in cycle, the appear for sometime then disappear and reappear again. In white skinned people, they appear in red or pink scaly skin and dark colored people they appear in violet. The reason behind the condition can be both environmental and genetic. Incorporating healthy life style changes will help you live with the condition. Psoriasis is not contagious.


Hives are another common skin condition. It is like a rash that is itchy and red in color. This is caused due to an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction can cause skin inflammation and some types of hives are chronic. Professional treatment will help alleviate the condition.


Herpes is a skin condition in which blisters appear on the skin. It can happen anywhere on the body. Some common reasons behind skin catching herpes is hygiene. It can also be caught during sexual activities. Not treating the condition in time can become costly in the future. The blisters in herpes are itchy and spurt liquid on bursting it.

Warts, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives and Herpes are some of the common skin conditions that require the assistance and consultation of a medical professional. Don’t ignore these skin condition or make them worse by trying domestic tricks on them.