What a Good Challenge Escape Rooms Are for the Brain! 5 Brain Benefits of Escape Rooms

Need a mental challenge? What a good challenge escape rooms are! Click here to learn why an escape room can sharpen your cognitive skills

The escape room business is booming, with more than 2,300 rooms available across the country. There are scary rooms, steampunk rooms, even escape rooms for kids.

This trend is still steadily increasing! But why? 

Some people, tired of the same old night out at the bar, are simply looking for something new to try. Others have found that this challenge offers some pretty great benefits to their cognitive skills.

Are you looking for a fun new challenge for your brain and your group of friends? Read on for five reasons that challenge escape rooms are the next outing for you!

Five Benefits of Challenge Escape Rooms

Studies have shown that solving puzzles keeps your brain healthy and happy. Problem-solving engages important brain functions and chemical releases that make you feel good.

These aren't the only cognitive benefits of going through an escape room challenge, though. Here are five ways that an escape room can boost your brain.

1. Quality Time and Collaboration

Have you been searching for some quality time with friends? There's no better way than to get locked in a room with only one way to escape: work together.

Collaboration is a skill that keeps your brain active and helps you engage in emotional practice as well. Finding clues, solving the puzzles, and hopefully emerging triumphantly gives you a sense of comradery that will cement friendships and give you a mental workout.

2. Adrenaline and Dopamine Are Good For You

Escape rooms can bring on a blast of adrenaline, and solving problems causes your brain to release the "happy chemical" dopamine.

These two brain chemicals can combat depression and anxiety, giving you another good reason to try the escape room challenge. Producing these chemicals is important if you suffer from depression, especially during the dreary winter months.

3. Memory Boost

Getting forgetful is a part of getting older, right? Actually, regularly engaging in puzzles and problem-solving can also have beneficial effects on your memory. The challenge of the escape room can give recharge your memory, a benefit that will last long after you've escaped.

4. Learn Something New

Among the thousands of escape rooms, there are hundreds of themes — history, literature, art, and film are all inspirations for the creators of these rooms.

As you work through the puzzles, you'll find yourself learning all sorts of new facts and trivia. Escape rooms are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and learn new things!

5. A Puzzle A Day Keeps Dementia Away

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are a scourge on aging people around the country. It has been shown that engaging your synapses — through collaboration, puzzle-solving, and trying something new — has a beneficial impact on staving off these diseases.

Escape rooms aren't a cure-all, but they will provide the challenge and inspiration to light up your brain cells and keep them healthy.

Find A New Challenge Today

Are you ready to give challenge escape rooms a try? Grab some trusted friends and find a room near you. You might find some mental rejuvenation — and a new hobby!

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