Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: 5 Essential Wellness Tips for the Workplac

Want to make sure your employees are performing to your expectations? Keep them healthy! Read on for wellness tips for the workplace.

Nowadays as many as 60% of companies are already onboard with mental, financial, and physical wellness programs for their employees? Isn't it time yours did too?

Get started with these wellness tips for the workplace that can help your business reap the benefits of engaged, healthy employees. 

Health-Related Wellness Tips for the Workplace

These are several ways you can get involved with ensuring your employees start to take their health seriously, without overstepping the mark. Try these:

  • Offer incentives on health insurance
  • Arrange for annual onsite flu vaccinations
  • Restock your company vending machines with healthy choices
  • Provide free fruit 
  • Provide healthy meals for catered meetings and company events
  • Install a juicer and blender to promote healthy snacking
  • Subsidize healthy food options in your company canteen

When you give your employees the tools for improving their health, you make it easy for them to get on board with your wellness programs. 

Encouraging Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress and depression. You can encourage your employees to make time for fitness as follows:

  • Install a shower for those who want to run or cycle to work
  • Arrange for company sports days
  • Set up bike racks in the company car park
  • Arrange for yoga or fitness sessions once a week during office hours
  • Sponsor a company sports team

Every employee can benefit from increasing their fitness and you'll soon see the benefits in the form of increased productivity and improved mental wellbeing.

It's important to get input from your teams about the type of fitness perks they'd enjoy most. They're more likely to embrace exercise when it involves things they already enjoy. 

Boosting Financial Fitness

Finances can be a major worry for most people at times. Help your employees to engage financial wellbeing as well as good physical health with initiatives like these:

  • Offer personal financial education services with professional advisors
  • Challenge employees to set up and reach financial goals and reward them when they do
  • Match employee contributions to retirement and health savings plans
  • Offer performance-based benefits like vacations, bonuses, and pay increases
  • Provide free credit and debt counseling

Another excellent way to lend your employees a helping hand is to negotiate with suppliers for discounted insurance policies, tech, and entertainment. 

Mental Health Matters

While all of the above initiatives will encourage improved mental wellbeing in your employees, there's still more you can do.

  • Hold regular discussions on mental health issues
  • Have daily gratitude sessions first thing every morning
  • Encourage employees to go outside for at least 15 minutes daily
  • Arrange creative activities from time to time

Other nice touches include paid time off for employees on their birthdays, chair massages every so often, and fun challenges. 

Showing our employees that you care about their mental state goes a long way toward relieving stress and anxiety.

Making Wellness a Team Endeavor

Technological advances like apps help you to engage and involve employees more fully in a program of total well being.

With these tools you can offer advice and encouragement, set up workplace wellness challenges, and recognize employee milestones on their wellness journey. 

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Wellness is essential to our enjoyment of life. 

Keep reading our blog to find more inspiration about wellness tips for the workplace and every other area of your life.