9 Best Tasting Protein Powder Flavors

Protein powders come in a wide variety of flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, and fruit. Check out these popular protein powder flavors!

Getting those gains at home or in the gym takes hard work and dedication. You need to include strength training in your workout plan if you want to build muscle or tighten and tone. Also, you must eat enough protein.

Meeting your daily protein needs is easiest when you drink your protein. You should experiment with a few protein powder flavors to find one that works best for you.

While protein powders grow in sales every year in the fitness community, it will be money wasted if you don't like the taste. Take a look at these 9 types of flavors to see which you like. 

  1. Vanilla Whey

Vanilla may be the most basic flavor available, but that doesn't take its popularity away. Plenty of people like the fact that vanilla whey blends well in smoothies, drinks, or meals. Overall, the flavor is minimal, and you can mask it when combining it with other ingredients. 

Getting the right type of vanilla protein powder is the trick, as some can leave behind a chalky aftertaste or clumps. Vanilla whey has many health benefits, like reducing inflammation, that can aid in your fitness journey. 

  1. Double Chocolate

What's better than Chocolate? Double chocolate. If you are a chocolate fan, you will love the extra flavor. Most regular chocolate powders taste fine but don't excite the mouth. 

When you add more chocolate flavor, you can enjoy gulping it down to the last drop. It can also satisfy sweet cravings for those who want to reduce their sugar intake. 

The cool thing about chocolate is also in its ability to reduce stress while boosting brainpower. This helps you with focus before working out or after working out.

The extra chocolate adds to this. It's an excellent meal replacement, fueling your body with important vitamins and minerals. 

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is loved in the fitness community for its healthy fats, high protein, and taste. This nutty flavor is included in protein powders for nut lovers. It is also popular for many who enjoy getting creative with recipes. 

Peanut butter protein powder is great for any diet and pairs well with almond milk or coconut milk. There is a vegan, plant-based version too for those who shy away from whey, gluten, dairy components. So long as you don't have a nut allergy, you can drink this happily. 

  1. Cookies and Cream

Sometimes when you have your protein powder, you want to feel as if you are having dessert. Cookies and cream is a liquid version of your favorite treat. This tasty, macro-friendly option makes remembering to drink your protein power easier. 

You could make it into a healthier high protein dessert too. You can even incorporate the powder in ice cream recipes. It's finger-licking good to the last drop no matter how you make it. 

  1. Strawberry

Strawberries are one of the most loved fruit flavors for juices and smoothies. It may not come as a shock that most people who buy this enjoy having it plain.

When strawberry powders (or any powder for that matter) are formulated right, you want to enjoy the product alone. The flavor alone is tasty enough, so there's little need to do fancy tricks. 

But how do supplement companies flavor their products? How can they create flavors that maintain potency long after purchase? The right companies who create protein powders like this have expert chemists that extract the natural flavor as a base. 

  1. Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle is not a common protein powder many know about. If you haven't tried it at least once, you are missing out. You could argue that it's one of the best flavors out there. The hint of cinnamon you can taste makes adds the right amount of sweetness. 

Other than shakes, snickerdoodle powder works great in baking recipes without any aftertaste. You could have yourself a healthier cookie or cake alternative that still meets your protein needs in every bite. 

  1. Birthday Cake

You could make it feel as if it's your birthday every day with this powder. Birthday cake protein is satisfying with a glass of milk alone. The fun doesn't have to stop there. It is one of the most used powders for making dessert recipes at home.

No matter how you dress it, you will love the flavor, sprinkles and all. Think of it as a gift you provide to your muscles. 

  1. S'Mores

Nothing beats the combination of chocolate and honey graham crackers. S'mores protein powder can bring out your inner kid or help satisfy your sweet tooth. Women and men can both enjoy the flavor it gives as it helps build muscle. 

If you want to be a little extra, you can create a "skinny" S' mores shake in under 5 minutes. No one would be able to resist this addicting favor. 

  1. Banana

There is nothing quite like the natural, sweet flavor of a banana. This shake is most enjoyable for those who consume it for breakfast. It serves as an excellent solution to keep you full and satisfied pre- or post-workout.

If you're banana crazy, add frozen bananas to make a cold shake. You'll fall for every sip you take as it provides your body the nutrients it needs to keep going. 

Trying Different Protein Powder Flavors

There are some people who are faithful to one type of protein powder, and consume that flavor only. There are others who like trying out different flavors to make drinking it less dull.

Having a variety of protein powder flavors is especially useful when you want to create recipes. It may take some trial and error, but the dedication to find the right flavor for you will result in a higher level of consistency. When you find the flavor you like, you can sculpt the body you desire with less struggle. 

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