How to Prepare for an Electroencephalogram Test

The goal in life is to be healthy and when one falls ill, it makes it difficult to comfortably. Experiencing some changes in the body can lead to some level of discomfort hence having a cross-examination is quite essential.

When one experiences any type of discomfort, going for an examination or test is the solution to discover any underlying health issue. 

The electroencephalogram test is responsible for recording electrical signals found in the brain by utilizing the electrical signals of the brain. Small metal discs known as electrodes which are linked to the scalp are used during this procedure. Brain cell communication takes place using electrical impulses which is always at work even when one is asleep.

What goes on in the brain always pops up during an egg-egg test usually as wavy lines. This test can be made use of in diagnosing conditions such as:

EEG Uses

EEGs are used to diagnose conditions like:

  • Brain tumors
  • Brain damage as an outcome of a head injury
  • Brain dysfunction due to different causes (encephalopathy)
  • Any inflammation of the brain (encephalitis)
  • Seizure disorders plus epilepsy
  • Any type of sleep disorders
  • As well as stroke

An EEG may equally be used to check if someone in a coma has died or to determine the right dosage of anesthesia for someone in a coma.

EEG Risks

The ecg-eeg test is a safe medical procedure but for anyone who has a medical condition, it is important to first of all talk with the doctor about it before taking the test.

People who have a seizure disorder may suffer an attack as a result of the flashing lights and deep breathing of the EEG though this is rare and a standby medical team will attend to the patient immediately if anything goes wrong.

In some instances, the doctor may start a seizure in the course of the test to obtain a reading. During this procedure, the medical team is always still on standby to monitor the situation closely and react if anything happens. 

Preparing for an EEG

Before going in for an ecg-egg test, there are some essential things that one needs to do or put in place:

The first thing is that one is not expected to eat or drink anything that contains caffeine for at least 8 hours before the test day.

  • Follow the instructions of the doctor as some doctors tell their patients how many hours, they are expected to sleep during the EEG process.
  • It is also essential to eat normally at least a night before the procedure. Having low blood sugar could imply unusual results.
  • Patients who have any medical history and on medications - both prescription and over-the-counter or supplements should make sure that the doctor is well informed and updated.
  • Make sure to have the hair washed the night before the day of the test. After washing the hair, try not to make use of a leave-in conditioner or other styling products. For women who put on their extensions using glue should make sure all the glue on the hair has been taken out.