Can Whole Body CryoTherapy Help With Osteoporosis?

The bones in our body are constantly breaking down and building back up again. When they don't build back up as fast as they break down, we call that osteoporosis and it can be quite debilitating and serious. As we age these issues can become more prevalent, of course genetics are also a factor. Thyroid problems, low calcium and vitamin D also contribute to bone loss, as well as lack of exercise, use of alcohol and smoking. Chronic inflammation can be a big culprit in bone loss as the body reabsorbs existing bone.

It therefore makes sense that Whole Body CryoTherapy can prevent and treat osteoporosis due to its known benefits. In fact, that is what the Cryo Community has come to learn.

Is There Any Tangible Clinical Evidence That Whole Body CryoTherapy Can Treat Or Cure Osteoporosis?

Yes, indeed a Polish research study done in 1998 shows that Whole Body CryoTherapy treatment; 2-sessions a day (with 3-hours in between) for 2-6 weeks treats Osteoporosis. The research states that the CryoTherapy works by reducing pain and swelling, while increasing strength and relaxing skeletal muscles, and increasing the range of motion of joints. The main advantage in CryoTherapy to other treatments is a quicker time to complete treatment, that and the speed at which the patient notices the differences and progress, thus also psychologically helping the process. The clinical research finally notes that rarely does CryoTherapy not work in the treatment of osteoporosis, or in its symptoms and is therefore highly recommended.

Perhaps we ought to discuss the research behind these statements and the findings within such studies. The first research paper and study I'd like to point you to is: (PolMerkur Lekarski 1998 Oct;5(28):222-4.) "Cryotherapy in osteoporosis," by Ksiezopolska-Pietrzak. The paper states;

"The most efficiently is applying cryotherapy twice a day, with at least 3 hours interval. Kinesitherapy is necessarily used after each cryotherapy session. Whole treatment takes 2 to 6 weeks, depending on patient's needs. Cryotherapy reduces pain and swellings, causes skeletal muscles relaxation and increase of their force, also, motion range in treated joints increases. Thus, cryotherapy seems to fulfill all necessary conditions for rehabilitation in osteoporosis."

Another source titled; "Whole Body Cryotherapy Can Treat & Prevent Osteoporosis," by Chill-RX-Cryotherapy notes that; "Research indicates that chronic inflammation in the body (systemic inflammation-meaning it is throughout the body, at the cellular level) can directly cause osteoporosis through its effect on bone resorption (loss). Inflammatory cytokines have been linked to high levels of bone resorption (breakdown of bone) leading to osteoporosis. Chronic inflammation is damaging to all types of cells and bone is no different," and then explains how cryotherapy solves these challenges. This paper is extremely well cited.

It's getting hard to refute that Whole Body Cryotherapy isn't the answer for those afflicted or at risk of Osteoporosis. Think on this.

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